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Discover how airports are achieving zero waste, a critical first step towards circularity. Explore our database of initiatives and join us in sharing best practices for a sustainable aviation industry. Let’s collaborate to achieve a global circular economy. 

Zero Waste Airports

Airports, bustling hubs of global connectivity, generate vast amounts of waste. By reimagining waste as a resource, airports can forge new economic pathways, minimize waste, and lessen reliance on virgin materials. Achieving zero waste is no easy task. Supported by a baseline assessment, the focus is on addressing key streams: plastic, paper, food, and residual waste. The initiatives proposed in the database emphasize prevention and reuse to minimize environmental impact, with recycling considered as a last resort.

From zero waste to circular airports

Are you intrigued by the prospect of eliminating waste through proactive prevention and reuse strategies, while also maximizing the value of resources? Explore how TULIPS WP Circular Airports, encompasses collaboration among various partners in charting the course for a circular future.


Explore the database of zero waste initiatives covering residual, paper, plastic, and food streams. Browse ideas for prevention, reuse, or recycling, and even contribute your own innovative solutions


Discover the resources and tools designed to help airports kickstart their journey towards circularity today. From protocols for baseline assessment to monitoring frameworks aimed at achieving circularity by 2050, these practical solutions can make a difference

Connecting for a Circular Future in Aviation

Join us in accelerating the global circular economy transition. Have initiatives to share or questions to ask? Feel free to reach out to us.