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Explore a curated collection of initiatives tackling plastic, residual, food, and paper waste from top airports like Schiphol Amsterdam, Avinor Oslo, and Hermes Larnaca, alongside contributions from airports worldwide, meticulously gathered by EME. Join us in expanding this vibrant community by sharing your own initiatives and links. Stay tuned as we evolve, aiming to provide detailed action plans, anticipated environmental impacts, and cost-saving insights for each initiative (beyond the scope of TULIPS).

Elephant Grass Furniture

Introduce outdoor furniture crafted from elephant grass, supporting sustainable and innovative design.

Treats for correct disposal

Create incentives for waste disposal, such as offering better Wi-Fi next to bins, encouraging passengers to participate in responsible waste management practices.

PET dunk

Make PET disposal fun by encouraging passengers to dispose of it like a basketball, introducing an engaging and interactive element to waste disposal.

Encourage passengers to handle their waste responsibly

Nudge passengers to dispose correctly by utilizing messaging, such as "70% of passengers dispose of their PET here," to encourage responsible waste management behaviours.

Gamify waste disposal

Install bins that light up with colours (green and red) or say thank you when disposed of correctly, providing positive reinforcement for proper waste disposal.

Lids on request only

Adopt a policy where customers need to specifically request lids, promoting a more eco-conscious approach and reducing unnecessary waste.

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