Zero Waste Airports

Various airports have set ambitious targets towards zero waste. However, the definition of ‘zero waste’ varies. TULIPS is introducing three distinct horizons that redefine waste management at airports, paving the path towards a sustainable future

Baseline Circular Airports Methods

Baseline Circular Airports Method (BCAM) is a methodology developed by the project partners and rigorously tested at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. 
BCAM systematically analyzes resource streams, considering composition and relevant stakeholders, treatment processes, and environmental impact. By doing so, it establishes strategic prioritization of resource streams for airports to perform focused and effective interventions.
Note that these methods are published in Frontiers Journal and data is publicly available. Refer to the resources page for tools and guidance for specific steps of the BCAM.

Priority Streams

Image of residual waste

Three Guiding Principles

To guide the priority streams towards zero waste, three guiding principles from the R-strategies are followed:


Explore the database of zero waste initiatives covering residual, paper, plastic, and food streams. Browse ideas for prevention, reuse, or recycling, and even contribute your own innovative solutions

Connecting for a Circular Future in Aviation

Join us in accelerating the global circular economy transition. Have initiatives to share or questions to ask? Feel free to reach out to us.