Discover the essential tools developed by TU Delft and EME and employed by leading airports such as Schiphol, Oslo, and Larnaca in their commitment to achieving zero waste and embracing circularity. Explore and leverage these tools to embark on your own journey towards a greener future.

Conceptual models and horizons
The conceptual model and horizons document illustrates the application of circular economy conceptual models, namely the R framework and the Value Hill, as the basis for three horizons aimed at achieving circular airports. Horizon 1 focuses on waste reduction, Horizon 2 aims for zero waste and Horizon 3 aims for a circular economy.
Test protocol Waste Safari
This document outlines the protocol for a waste safari, also known as a waste audit, which is a systematic assessment and analysis of the waste generated at an airport.
Co-creation 9R Framework
The 9R Circular Economy Framework is a document that can be used to facilitate workshops and co-creation sessions. It focuses on optimising the use and reuse of materials to minimise waste and environmental impact.
Stakeholders’ resources
The Stakeholders’ resources document helps to list the stakeholders and their contributions to the waste streams generated at the terminals, to identify the associated waste collectors and handlers, and to understand the scope of an airport’s control/mandate per stream.
Stakeholder Mapping
The Stakeholder Mapping document is a tool that can be used to map stakeholders and their contribution to terminal waste streams in six key categories – retailers, employees, operators, passengers, F&B and facilities. Its purpose is to assist airports in developing communication strategies and defining stakeholder roles.


Unlock the potential for a more sustainable aviation industry by immersing yourself in these resources created within the TULIPS consortium committed to fostering zero waste initiatives and circularity. 

Improving passenger waste separation behaviour through design
Enabling and motivating passengers of Schiphol Airport to dispose of passenger solid waste correctly to support Schiphol’s goal to become zero waste
Behavior change strategies for higher return of PET bottles/cans
An add-on for PET at the current waste bins at Schiphol and a campaign proposal.
Developing A circular cup system At Schiphol Airports
Reusable PP cups, complemented by branded sleeves for various shops
Airport Circularity Baseline Study
Transforming waste management methods: Airport’s journey toward a circular economy through baseline measurements and strategic priority setting