Category: Food

Elephant Grass Furniture
Introduce outdoor furniture crafted from elephant grass, supporting sustainable and innovative design.
Sustainable alternative serve ware
Collaborate with F&B serving sustainable alternative serve ware.
Allow customers to order smaller quantities or share a meal.
Nudge consumers making good decisions to avoid food waste
Identify ‘decision points’ in restaurants/canteens and then targeting appropriate spatial design/displaying communications in these points.
Prevent and reduce food waste
Develop strategies for preventing and reducing food loss and waste, in line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 12.3.
Fund research to develop products derived by co-products
Encourage the allocation of more funding (private and public) dedicated to research and innovation in order to develop new products derived by co-products.
Train Staff
Encourage the training of personnel and raise awareness within the organization on how to prevent food wastage at all levels of operations (e.g. marketing, procurement, logistics, etc.).
Urban farm at the airport
Built an urban farm at the airport and grow what works with nation’s climate, using organic methods.
Onsite insect food waste processing
Use onsite insect food waste processing, specifically for food scraps and coffee grinds into fertiliser and protein each week.
Server food and drinks in reusable containers
Use reusable food and drink containers that rely on software and quick response/radio-frequency identification chips to guide users to the nearest designated smart collection station for on-site cleaning.

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