Category: Paper

Environmental impact of paper waste
Educate others about the environmental impact of paper waste.
Recover calcium carbonate
Recover calcium carbonate from paper sludge and use it as essential raw material resource for making paint.
Minimise waste of agricultural products
Paper-based fruit and produce stickers and a device that allows food suppliers to monitor the conditions in cold storage facilities to minimise produce waste.
Use fiber of one-way paper products for sanitary products
Use paper cups, beverage cartons, bottle labels, and paper hand towels as sources of reusable material for sanitary room products.
Buy recycled paper products
Procure paper products with the highest percentage of recycled content available.
Keep recycled newspaper clean
Empty paper bins in the morning to ensure a relative clean stream of newspaper, as they are usually red in the mornings.
Separation of pizza boxes in food court.
Encourage reuse cardboard boxes.
Avoid paper print, or print wisely.
Ensure by default that double-sided is printed, with narrower margins used, reduced font size and single-spaced line usage.
Repurpose cardboard into wall fittings
Repurpose cardboard into wall fittings.
Paper Cup Recycling
Launch a Paper Cup Recycling Scheme.

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