Category: Operations

Treats for correct disposal
Create incentives for waste disposal, such as offering better Wi-Fi next to bins, encouraging passengers to participate in responsible waste management practices.
Optimize separation and waste management practices
Test various bins, signage, and locations with users for optimal waste collection and separation, refining waste management practices.
Prioritize waste reduction
Prioritize waste reduction and reuse in contracts with new waste managers, aligning with sustainability goals.
Preferred “low environmental impact” vendors
Set up and comply with a preferred purchasing policy to support vendors whose products/services reduce environmental impact.
Visible sign posts at waste separation stations
Modify bin signage to be displayed at eye level for enhanced visibility and waste separation.
Raise awareness for sustainability
Invest in internal communication to raise awareness of sustainability issues, internal policies, and training activities, making people active contributors to sustainability commitments.
Smart Bins
Install smart bins with cameras or sensors to assess and scan waste for improved sorting and collection.
Increase passengers’ awareness
Design opportunities to increase passengers’ awareness of their environmental impact, emphasizing contributions to broader environmental solutions.
Waste Collection for Professionals
Ensure cleaning companies collecting waste have systems to separate recyclables effectively, promoting responsible waste management.
Waste Art Installation
Commission an art installation made from wood/metal waste from the airport to highlight the importance of waste resources in passenger areas.

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