Category: Plastic

PET dunk
Make PET disposal fun by encouraging passengers to dispose of it like a basketball, introducing an engaging and interactive element to waste disposal.
Encourage passengers to handle their waste responsibly
Nudge passengers to dispose correctly by utilizing messaging, such as “70% of passengers dispose of their PET here,” to encourage responsible waste management behaviours.
Gamify waste disposal
Install bins that light up with colours (green and red) or say thank you when disposed of correctly, providing positive reinforcement for proper waste disposal.
Lids on request only
Adopt a policy where customers need to specifically request lids, promoting a more eco-conscious approach and reducing unnecessary waste.
Personal environmental impact while traveling
Encourage a sense of responsibility and empowerment among passengers to make environmentally conscious choices while traveling.
“You can make a difference!”
Develop campaigns, educational materials, or interactive displays that illustrate the connection between individual actions at the airport and global environmental challenges.
Digital Rewards Program
Explore alternative methods for passengers to receive compensation or rewards without requiring a deposit return process, considering innovative approaches such as digital solutions.
Creative Bins
Introduce bins shaped as PET bottles, adding a creative touch to reinforce recycling habits.
Refillable containers for cleaning products
Encourage cleaning contractors to use refillable/reusable cleaning suppliers, reducing reliance on single-use plastic containers.
Turn plastics into oil
Convert compostable and disposable plastics into oil for fabric, low carbon materials, furniture, or jet fuel, promoting circular economy practices.

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