Category: Residual

Introduce a pay-as-you-throw fee for tenants, encouraging responsible waste disposal practices.
Repurpose non-recyclable waste
Transform non-recyclable waste into airport furniture or renewable fuel, creatively repurposing materials.
Lost and found bin
Install a bin for lost and found items that are still functional, allowing for donations or reselling.
Recycling App
Introduce an AI-based Recycling App that uses a camera to identify products and instructs users on proper disposal, tracking behaviour across different airports and rewarding eco-friendly actions.
Biofuel from used cooking oil
Initiate a cooking oils program with restaurants, collecting and transforming used cooking oils into biofuels.
3d print luminaires
Implementation of 3D printed luminaires, energy efficiency and reduce residual waste from constant change of luminaires.
Auction off unclaimed baggage
Auction never claimed suitcases, providing an avenue for their reuse and reducing waste.
Turn trash into SAF
Transform residuals (and/or CAT1) into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).
Separate liquids
Separate liquids from LAG (liquids, aerosols, and gels) or donate them entirely to minimize waste.
Better waste separation
Facilitate better waste separation among passengers through educational initiatives and clear signage.

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